A telephone number for the family could not be located.Teixeira, pastor of Iglesia Del Nazareno church, was ordered in August to stand trial on charges of rape and sexual assault. He’s scheduled to be sentenced in August and probably will face three months in jail and three months of home detention.J.J. Does it work? I have a problem with fat around my midsection.JOHN M.TujungaThe product: Imagine the uproar if someone discovered a treatment that quickly removed large amounts of fat without effort, sacrifice or surgery of any sort You’d expect dancing in the streets Fireworks. Why here? For starters: lots of big, empty spaces and cheap rent, in a locale just off the Santa Monica Freeway and adjacent to wealthy Westside neighborhoods where art collectors live. When the time comes, all at the table fill their shot glasses All stand. Manzarek said the group will soon record a new studio album.”It doesn’t matter what we call it, it’s still Robbie and I together playing ‘Light My Fire’ and ‘Love Me Two Times.’ John should come and play and let us celebrate and keep this music alive,” Manzarek said. Education has become a third rail of California politics, like Proposition 13’s property tax cuts.* Lesson No.

and China Petroleum & Chemical Corp., known as Sinopec, “to explore partnership opportunities, both inside and outside of China,” said Steve Del Regno, managing director of Chevron’s liquefied-natural-gas, or LNG, trading business in Asia. The sparkling green water was so inviting that everyone in the group stripped down to shorts and T-shirts and jumped in.The youngsters first plunge into the water from rocks five and then 10 feet above the surface, trying to touch the bottom. Cities near Los Angeles International Airport want Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to limit the number of passengers who use the airport and cancel plans for an off-site check-in center in exchange for dropping their lawsuits against the city.A confidential 15-point settlement proposal obtained by The Times also asks the mayor to take more steps to lessen the effects of noise, air pollution and traffic; spread flights to airports around the region; and pay legal costs for the lawsuit.The cities of Inglewood, Culver City and El Segundo, Los Angeles County and the Alliance for a Regional Solution to Airport Congestion have sued in state court alleging that the environmental studies for the LAX modernization plan understate the effects of noise, air pollution and traffic.Los Angeles officials have already spent $5 million on legal costs related to the $11-billion blueprint. “It wasn’t anything pretty, and it wasn’t anything really racy.

It could have been a scene out of “Ocean’s Eleven.” A luxury cruise ship, armed security guards, hidden cameras and a locked vault. takes the field against Germany tonight in its last meaningful soccer friendly before the World Cup, several players’ immediate futures will be on the line.Three-quarters of the probable U.S. Many of the reviewers are not specialists in the field of medicine that they are reviewing, the doctors contend.The combination of new statistics, a new political dynamic in the state capital and Schwarzenegger’s dramatic success in bringing down costs so quickly could create a climate for the governor to give back some of his workers’ comp gains, predicted John Norwood, a top insurance industry lobbyist in Sacramento.”Arguably, some of the reforms have been so effective that somebody could make the case that, ‘Geez, we did even more than we wanted to do,’ ” he said.. He had none of their Midwestern roundness, none of their low-slung solidity. Surgeons pulled 176 pounds of plastic bags, pins, shoe straps and other junk from the animal’s stomach.A diet of Delhi’s garbage can taint milk that freelancers surreptitiously squeeze from the strays and sell to dairies. In an interview Friday, Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn told Bloomberg News that the automaker would probably announce its decision before the end of the year.The automaker has confirmed in the last month that it was conducting a review of operations that may include moving the North American business unit from California in an attempt to cut costs.