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They and everybody they know meet at a cafe called @titude — clever, what? — where they sip teen-friendly blended drinks in designer colors. “He makes the snake this gorgeous thing, not slithery and evil.”Gould ended the day at the LMAN Gallery, where a show called “Asian Aesthetic” looks at non-Asian artists who bear some kinship with the East’s art tradition. An incision, 3 to 4 inches long, stretched from just below his neck to near his belly button. But when they asked African Americans, the response was passionate.After seeing Perry live, Paseornek was “floored.” Within a week, Lionsgate made a deal giving Perry what Winfrey had told him to hold out for: complete creative control.”If a few middle-aged white guys living in the insular world of Hollywood are going to make decisions for Tyler Perry, then we should not be in the Tyler Perry business,” Paseornek said.The studio put up about $2 million of “Diary’s” $5.4-million budget and agreed to split the back end of the film’s profits with Perry. But frequently [the producers] have a different take on the stuff that they have written So I was surprised how on the same page we were. But another point was snatched away from them by a team that’s nothing like the one they defeated twice in November.Vancouver (35-21-4) has taken the lead in the ultra-competitive Northwest Division, thanks to an 18-3-3 stretch since Dec. After the vote, Clinton said she called for the independent probe because “it is simply not appropriate for government to investigate itself.”At the White House, officials readied for Bush’ national address from New Orleans.